Higher Diploma in Spiritual Theology
and Carmelite Spirituality

Practical information

1. Complement and enhancement for other studies

The Dicastery for Culture and Education now allows for contemporary enrolment in various study places. If you are a student in another University or Faculty, you can follow at the same time our Higher Diploma programme, if you are able to honor a double commitment.

2. Study modalities

The Higher Diploma in Spiritual Theology and Carmelite Spirituality will be held in English at the Teresianum Pontifical Faculty of Theology, Rome, with classes on Thursday afternoon from 15:30 to 18:50 following the dates indicated in the Faculty calendar (i.e. October – January, February – May; a precise timetable will be available for students). Only in case of emergency may some classes be offered by Zoom in real-time or recorded. We use Moodle as didactic platform to support the in-presence courses with further reading material.

3. Programme structure

The Higher Diploma (30 ETCS) is offered as a two-year programme, which may be extended up to a maximum of four years. The whole programme consists in eight courses for a total of 24 ECTS, two in every semester with a focus on biblical-spiritual theology as well as Carmelite spirituality. In order to complete the Higher Diploma, a final work of 15 pages and its presentation are required (6 ECTS). More details for the choice of a professor, for the redaction and its presentation will be offered on Moodle.

Year A, Semester 1
(12 weeks)
Course 1 (Thursday 15:30 – 17:05) 3 ECTS
Course 2 (Thursday 17:15 – 18:50) 3 ECTS
Year A, Semester 2
(12 weeks)
Course 3 (Thursday 15:30 – 17:05) 3 ECTS
Course 4 (Thursday 17:15 – 18:50) 3 ECTS
Year B, Semester 1
(12 weeks)
Course 5 (Thursday 15:30 – 17:05) 3 ECTS
Course 6 (Thursday 17:15 – 18:50) 3 ECTS
Year B, Semester 2
(12 weeks)
Course 7 (Thursday 15:30 – 17:05) 3 ECTS
Course 8 (Thursday 17:15 – 18:50) 3 ECTS
Year A or B Final work and presentation (at the end of the programme) 6 ECTS
Full programme Higher Diploma in Spiritual Theology and Carmelite Spirituality conferred by the Teresianum Pontifical Faculty of Theology, Rome.  30 ECTS

The course programme is cyclical which means that students may start with year A or year B. The Faculty may regularly modify or update course contents.
The course list for the academic years 2023-24 and 2024-2025 follows at the end of this programme presentation.

4. Examinations
Every course is usually evaluated by an oral exam (10-15 minutes) or, if requested, a written paper (not more than 7-10 pages).

5. Enrolment options 
Ordinary students register for the full biennial programm (30 ECTS) consisting in 8 courses, a final work (15 pages) and its presentation. In order to qualify for the Higher Diploma we require previous College studies of at least three years (Bachelor or equivalent not necessarily in Theology).
Guest students register for one or several courses with the attestation of credits and marks if requested, but without receiving the qualification of Higher Diploma.
Please note that it is possible to attend one course per year for free in virtue of the CRUIPRO convention for students of other Pontifical Universities and Faculties in Rome. As well, the courses can be attended by students of the two Licentiate programmes at the Teresianum and be recognized as optional (or mandatory) courses.

6. Higher Diploma certification
A certificate of their Higher Diploma will be issued to students who have followed all of the 8 Courses, passed all of the exams, and finished and presented their final work. The final grade will be the average of all single grades (8 courses, 1 final work, 1 presentation).

7. Contact for Information and Enrolment
Prof. Ignatious Kunnumpurathu Paul, General Secretary
Prof. Iain Matthew