Higher Diploma in Spiritual Theology
and Carmelite Spirituality


For priests, seminarians, religious and laypeople who are studying in the Roman Pontifical Universities and Faculties in different mainly philosophical and theological programmes,  as well as for other religious and laypeople, our Pontifical Faculty of Theology offers a two-year programme in Spiritual Theology and Carmelite Spirituality (30 ECTS). We consider it to be an existential and theological complement for those who desire to delve into the spiritual riches  of Christian and Carmelite spirituality, so as to nourish and enhance their spiritual life in Christ. The second closely related goal is to provide an intellectually rigorous and thorough formation in Spiritual Theology and Carmelite spirituality, helping  students to acquire a scientific method of learning and researching.

For whom?

This programme is for all English-speakers living in Rome with a sincere desire to intensify their spiritual life through an intellectual deepening of Spiritual Theology, and in particular Carmelite spirituality. This includes priests and seminarians from the different, especially English-speaking Colleges in Rome, as well as religious and laypeople with good linguistic skills.

NB: For those not living in Rome, please consider the possibility of opting for our Online Course in Spiritual Theology.