Iain Scott Matthew OCD

Iain MatthewPontificia Facoltà Teologica Teresianum
Piazza San Pancrazio 5/A
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Curriculum Vitae

28/1/1960 born Windsor UK
27/5/1966 baptised
14/9/1978 began novitiate, Discalced Carmelites, Oxford
15/9/1979 first profession
1979-1985: Carmelite community, studies at Ushaw College, Durham
1982-1984: Bachelor degree in theology, Durham University
15/9/1985: Solemn Profession
20/12/1985: ordination as deacon
2/7/1986: ordination as priest
1985-1987: Carmelite community, St Joseph’s, Gerrards Cross, UK: parish ministry
1987-1991: Carmelite communty, Oxford.
Doctoral studies, under Edward Yarnold SJ and Rowan Williams.
1988-1989: as part of doctoral studies, I attended the one year course on St John of the Cross at the Centro Internacional Sanjuanista, Avila, Spain.
1991: completed Oxford Doctor of Philosophy, with thesis entitled: “The knowledge and consciousness of Christ in the light of the writings of St John of the Cross.”
Autumn 1991 – June 1992: Carmelite retreat centre, Varroville, Sydney, Australia, helping with retreats
Summer 1992-Summer 1994: Carmelite priory, London
1992-1993: master of students.
1993-1994: vocations director.
1993-1996: member of Provincial Council.
1994-1996: Carmelite house of studies, Dublin, as prior.
1996-2000: Carmelite priory, Oxford: novice master.
2000 Summer – 2001 Summer: renewal year in Oxford, Hartford USA, and Dublin.
2001-2005: Carmelite Priory, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, engaged in parish ministry and university chaplaincy. During this time I also spent several months working at our parish, Gerrards Cross, UK, where I had conventuality.
2005 – 2013: Carmelite Priory, Kensington, London. P
arish ministry; and university chaplaincy at LSE (2005-2012) and Notre Dame, London (2013).
In 2005 and 2006 I gave a one week course at CITeS on the doctrine of St John of the Cross. During 2012 I spent most of the time caring for my mother in Ipswich, who died on 1st January 2013.
September 2013: Rome. A year spent learning Italian. 
September 2014: I joined the faculty at the Teresianum, teaching courses (in Italian): Gesù Cristo il Risorto, chiave della teologia spirituale; and courses on San Giovanni della Croce. Since 2015 I have also been teaching a course (in English) to students from Notre Dame University, Rome, Mystical Theology and the Gospel of Life.
In November 2016 I read a paper at the Ubeda Semana Sanjuanista (on the Christology of St John of the Cross);
In December 2016, I read a paper at the Counselling course symposium at the Teresianum, on the Living Flame.
In January 2017 I led a seminar on St John of the Cross for European OCD formators, held at Avila.
I read a papera the 2do Congreso Mundial Sanjuanista-Noche Oscura, CITeS, Avila, 3-9 settembre 2018: “El Dios de la Noche”.
Course for students from Rome Global Gateway, Notre Dame University: “Mystical theology and the Gospel of Life”, second semester (January to April 2018).
Course on St John of the Cross for Carmelite Sisters, Italy, presso Teresianum, 11-12 settembre 2018.
Corso per studenti del Collegio Interazionale su: “San Giovanni della Croce”, Salita e Notte, Teresianum 24-28 settembre 2018.


Campi di ricerca

San Juan de la Cruz; Santa Teresa de Jesús; Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus; la Cristologia dogmatica e patristica.

Bibliografia selettiva


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  • John of the Cross, seasons of prayer Teresian Press, Oxford, 2014, consisting of articles for Mount Carmel from the 1990s (see above).

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Capitoli in libri

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