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Studies at the Teresianum

Since 1935 the Order of Discalced Carmelites has promoted the Faculty of Theology known today as the Teresianum.

The Faculty offers a curriculum in Theology, but it is also characterized by its particular attention to the relationship of Theology itself with the Christian spiritual life. At the Teresianum it is possible to choose the path of study for the Baccalaureate in Theology and then continue with the specialization in Theological Anthropology (Licentiate and Doctorate) to deepen the field of Theology reserved for the study of the human person open to the supernatural.

The Teresianum’s educational offerings are enriched by the contribution of the Pontifical Institute of Spirituality which, together with the Faculty of Theology, offers a curriculum for the specialization in Spiritual Theology (Licentiate and Doctorate). This discipline studies the experience of the Trinitarian life poured out by the Holy Spirit in the heart of the human person.

The Teresianum promotes other educational paths, specifically for personal formation with certificates, but not academic titles:

Course of Spiritual Theology, which offers a basic introduction in the area of Spiritual Theology, aimed at those who are interested in the deepening of Spiritual Theology as a relevant contribution to personal formation and pastoral care, through courses covering biblical-theological initiation, spiritual life and some significant figures of saints, especially Carmelites.

Another way of offering this course is the Spiritual Theology Online Course which, thanks to the support of the Moodle platform, will make basic training in the field of Spiritual Theology accessible to those who do not reside in Rome. There exists an Italian and an English version of this course.

The Course for Formators and Leaders of Communities of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life aims to make formators and all those who are called to carry out the ministry of animating communities fully capable of integrating the anthropological, psychological and spiritual dimensions in the organization of community life, through the acquisition of the necessary skills for training interventions. Students of the Course will be qualified to design, guide and verify a concrete formative plan by receiving the necessary updating on issues related to the discernment of vocations and the formation of candidates for the Consecrated Life.

The Course in Spiritual Accompaniment is intended for people (priests, consecrated persons, and laity) who are involved in the pastoral care of accompanying individuals or in schools, universities, listening centers, hospitals, youth groups, or spiritual exercises. With a predominantly theological anchorage and approach, the Course will establish a permanent dialogue with the human sciences that help to better understand the dynamics of the human person integrally involved in the varied itineraries of life, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that is, the spiritual man.