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Library rules

  1. Users and access

The Teresianum Library is open to:

  • Institutional users: Professors and students of the Faculty and of the Institute;
  • external users:
    • in particular, the Discalced Carmelites;
    • in general, all scholars who certify the need to use the Library’s holdings.

All users must be registered with the Library in order to use its services. Registration is compulsory and is carried out by the staff on first access.

  1. Collection times

Morning: 9.30 am, 10.30 am, 11.30 am
Afternoon: 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 5 pm

  1. Book loans
  • External loan
    This service is reserved for Discalced Carmelites residing at the Teresianum.
  • On-site loan
    This service is provided to all users.
  1. Loan of magazines
  • External loan
    This service is only available to Discalced Carmelite Professors resident at the Teresianum. Loan is limited to bound yearbooks. Unbound issues may not be removed from the reading room or storage room.
  • On-site loan
    This service is provided to all users.
  1. On-site consultation

The Library offers the possibility of consulting all the books, doctoral theses and periodicals it owns in different ways.

Consultation of books kept in the Library’s storerooms

Most of the library’s holdings are stored in the Library’s deposits and are not directly accessible to external users. Each book must be requested from the Library staff, following two consecutive steps:

  • First step
    The desired books must first be searched in the online catalogue or in the paper files.
  • Second step
    The books in the online catalogue must be booked directly from the catalogue (OPAC), by selecting the documents to be booked and then confirming the booking(s) in the appropriate form. Please note that this service is only available to users who already have a library account.
    Documents not in the online catalogue must be requested from the staff by filling in the appropriate forms (white for Discalced Carmelites, yellow for other users). Please write down the signature/location correctly (e.g. Carmelitana B 1237). The completed form is deposited on the Library counter pending collection time. For all reservations, the collection time will be the one indicated in point 2 above. Each user may request a maximum of 5 books for consultation at the same time and no more than 15 books per day. The total number of books for consultation may not exceed 15 volumes.

Users are requested to leave their books on the bookshelf at the entrance when they have finished their consultation. No books may be left on the tables in the Reading Room. Books that are to be consulted on the following days must be deposited on the storage shelves, where they may remain for no more than one month. After this time, staff are authorised to cancel the reservation. It is possible to renew the request, but no more than twice (for a maximum of three months).

Consulting books stored in the Reading Room

In the Reading Room and in the corridors of the Library, which are organised as open shelves, books are directly accessible to all users. These books may only be consulted inside the Library and under no circumstances may they be taken out. Users are requested to return the books to their place on the shelf after consultation.

Consultation of books dedicated to courses

This service allows Professors of the Teresianum to select some books kept in the depository that they consider useful to make available to their students for the duration of the course they are taking. These books (marked in the catalogue with “RISERVA”) are taken from the deposit and placed in one of the Library’s offices. To consult the books, please contact the staff directly by filling in the appropriate form. After consultation, the books must be returned to the staff.

Consultation of ancient and rare books

Antiquarian and rare books may only be consulted with the utmost caution by users authorised by the Library management. They must provide the staff with their identity document, which will be returned at the end of the consultation. It is strictly forbidden to take such volumes out of the Library.

Consultation of journals stored in the repository

Journals from previous years are kept in the Library’s repository and cannot be reserved online. They must be requested from the staff by filling in the appropriate form and following the established procedures.
Journals must first be searched in the online catalogue or in the alphabetical list available in the printed version.
The request form (white for Discalced Carmelites, yellow for other users) is then filled out and placed on the Library counter to await collection.
In the case of journals, it is essential to indicate the title, year and issue number in addition to the signature/location.
All journals can be consulted in the Reading Room. Once they have been consulted, they are deposited on the special shelf at the entrance to the library.

Consultation of journals in the Reading Room

Recent journals are displayed in the Reading Room. In the adjacent corridor are the back issues of some Carmelite periodicals. These publications can be consulted directly by users, but only on site. Unbound individual issues may not be removed.
Users are requested to return each magazine to its place on the shelf after consultation.

  1. External Loan

This service is only provided to Discalced Carmelites resident (conventual) in the Urbe as follows:

  • Discalced Carmelites Teachers and Teresianum residents.
    They may use the online reservation system or go directly to the deposit to pick up books and/or journal volumes, but in this case they will have to contact the staff to activate and register the loan. The number of loans is unlimited. However, the duration should not exceed three months. After this time, a renewal of the loan is possible. Returned books and/or magazines should be placed on the trolley behind the counter at the entrance to the library.
  • Discalced Carmelites residing in the Seminarium Missionum and the International College.
    They must use the online booking procedure to receive loaned material. Each Carmelite user may borrow a maximum of 5 books simultaneously. The total number of books lent may not exceed 15. Each book must be returned within one month, with the possibility of renewal, but no more than once (for a maximum of two months). At the end of the academic year Carmelite students and doctoral students are requested to return all borrowed books.
  1. Certificate nihil obstat

In order to receive an end-of-course diploma or certificate from the Faculty Secretariat, a clearance certificate must be obtained from the Library.

  1. Reproduction

The Library allows its books and periodicals to be photocopied or scanned, provided they are in good condition, for personal use and study purposes only, and within the limits of current copyright legislation (reproduction of entire documents is forbidden). The photocopying machine located in the Library is used for this purpose.
Rare books may not be photocopied, but only photographed, if they are in good condition, according to the judgement and under the supervision of the Staff.
It is up to the user to decide whether to use the photocopying or scanning service. The service is provided in the following ways:


  • self service, upon purchase of a rechargeable card of at least € 5 (price per page = € 0.09); cards for the photocopier are purchased from the Library Staff (the Faculty Bursar charges the card for the Faculty Professors);
  • on order, according to the availability of the Staff, after filling in the orange card (price per page = 0.10 €).


  • self service, with the appropriate card to start the scanning process, but with payment made directly to Staff (price per page = 0.09 €);
  • on order, according to Staff availability, after filling in the orange card (price per page = 0.10 €).

With regard to requests for photocopying or scanning from outside the Teresianum, the cost of the service is calculated as follows: initial fee of 3 € + 0.15 € per page. Postage costs are borne by the applicant.

  1. Press service

The Library also offers a printing service for documents from its own data carrier (price per page = € 0.07). To use this service, please contact the staff.

  1. Some special rules

Use of computers

  • The computers in the Reading Room are reserved exclusively for consultation of the Library’s electronic catalogue.
  • The Library facilitates users’ use of personal computers by providing workstations equipped with an electrical outlet and access to the Internet, subject to the allocation of a personal password by staff.
  • Use of the Internet is permitted exclusively for researching information and data relating to academic activity.

Behaviour in the Library

  • Attitudes and dress must be in keeping with the decorum of the Faculty;
  • It is forbidden to enter the Reading Room with bags, backpacks and coats; these must be left in the cloakroom lockers;
  • It is forbidden to bring in and consume food and drink;
  • Smoking is prohibited;
  • care must be taken not to disturb the study and concentration of other users;
  • maximum silence is observed;
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited;
  • care must be taken to ensure that books and furnishings are not damaged in any way;
  • It is forbidden to reproduce Library documents (books, journals, theses) by one’s own means.

The Library staff is at the disposal of users to report any inconveniences and proposals to improve services. Proposals and complaints may be forwarded in writing to those responsible, who are required to provide a prompt reply.