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Enrollment and Renewal

Registration for all Training Courses and Courses,
with the exception of the Course of Spiritual Theology Online


1. Procedure for registration comprises two distinct phases:

a) Online;
b) Subsequent presentation in the General Secretariat of the Faculty or in the case of the Course on Spiritual Direction, in the Departmental Office.

Registration opens one month prior to the start of the first and second semesters.

Those interested are invited to visit the Faculty’s homepage on the web, where the necessary electronic platform will be available in order to undertake the initial stage of the registration process.

2. In order to enroll online it is necessary to complete the appropriate form and upload a passport size photo of the applicant in question.

3. The registration will be complete only when the following documents have been brought to the Secretariat in person:

3.1 A photocopy of an identity document (passport or equivalent); codice fiscale, for Italian students; and a copy of the residence permit (in the case of students from countries outside the European Union). Original documents of all documentation must be shown at the time of registration.

3.2 Certificates of Education and other qualifications on request for admission to the Course applied for (see the specific information with regard to the different Courses and Modules); original documents must be brought, together with a photocopy of the same to be handed in (not required of guest students).

3.3 A Disciplinary Certificate from their Faculty in the case of students who wish to transfer to the Teresianum (cf. Statute, art. 53).

3.4 For non-Italian students who wish to enroll on an academic Course (Bacccalaureat, Degree or Doctorate): a certificate of attendance on an intensive course in the Italian language of no less than three months duration, must be issued by the Centre where the course has been completed.

3.5 Authorizations (cf. Statute, art. 43a-b):

a) for seminarians: nihil obstat from the Rector of the respective seminary or college of residence;
b) for priests: nihil obstat from their Bishop or Vicar General;
c) for religious: nihil obstat from their Superior or Provincial;
d) for members of associations or movements with ecclesiastical recognition: nihil obstat from the Ecclesiastical Advisor;
e) for the laity: a letter of recommendation from an ecclesiastical authority (the parish priest, for example); in the case of students from Africa: a letter of recommendation from the area Bishop;
f) for non-Catholic students: a commendatory letter from the student’s relevant religious authority.

In the case of the Spiritual Accompaniment Course, the nihil obstat for religious who are not also priests or seminarians, or for members of above-mentioned associations or movements, and the letter of recommendation for the laity from the ecclesiastical authority, must include a statement of the candidate’s suitability and an indication of their intended future role in the area of spiritual accompaniment.

3.6 Letter with statement of purpose (in the case of the Spiritual Accompaniment Course).

3.7 For priests, religious and seminarians, either boarding in colleges, seminaries or religious houses: confirmation of residence by the local Superior is needed (cf. Statute, art. 43c).

3.8 For diocesan priests domiciled in Rome independently or destined for colleges or schools: the annual certificate from the Diocese of Rome (cf. Statute, art. 43c).

3.9 Enrollment receipt for the corresponding fees.

3.10 Permission sought for the storing and use of personal data (Privacy function as received by e-mail once the registration process has been completed).

In the case of persons who are refugees, or in analgous situations, and who lack the required documentation, (cf. Veritatis Gaudium, art. 32 § 3), the request for admission will be assessed on a case by case basis (cf. Statute, art. 43e).

Enrollment Renewal

For subsequent annual enrollment, to be carried out before the beginning of every academic year, for all students it is necessary to

  • Fill in the application through the electronic platform.
  • Produce a payment receipt of the relative contribution (to be presented at the Secretariat, with the exception of the Course in Spiritual Theology Online).
  • For diocesan priests living in Rome, outside of the convents and colleges assigned to them: the annual certificate of the Vicariate of Rome (cf. Statute, art. 43c).