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Financial contributions


1. Enrollment in Courses on site

Institutional Cycle (annual enrollment) 1.200 €
Licentiate cycle (annual enrollment) 1.500 €
Integrative year (annual enrollment 1.500 €
Doctoral Program (first year) 1.200 €
Doctorate cycle (registration for subsequent years) 800 €
Course for Formators and Leaders of Communities of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life 1.400 €
Course in Spiritual Accompaniment 900 €
Course of Spiritual Theology (annual registration) 400 €
Guests and overtime for the various cycles and programs (free registration, then for each individual ECTS) 30 €


Annual enrollment in the Baccalaureate Cycle, the Licentiate Cycle, the Course for Formators and Leaders of Communities of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life 400 €
Annual enrollment for Course in Spiritual Accompaniment 200 €

1At the moment of the renewal of the enrollment, the student will have to pay, in addition to the out-of-course enrollment fee for the current year, also those for the years in which he/she has been absent.


2. Enrollment in Online Courses


Course in Spiritual Theology Course Online – complete program (annual enrollment for the first and second year) 400 €
Course in Spiritual Theology Online – program of your choice (free enrollment, then each individual ECTS) 30 €


Certificate in Spiritual Theology Online (annual enrollment) 700 €
Courses of your choice (free enrollment, then each individual course of 2 ECTS) 100 €

Spanish/English (only for the teaching staff of the Universidad popular autónoma del Estado de Puebla)

Curso de Teología Espiritual Online (annual registration, includes certificate) 550 €

3. Final Exams

Dissertation Presentation 400 €
Exam De universa 250 €


Dissertation Presentation 700 €
Dissertation Defense 500 €

4. Diplomas

Baccalaureate 150 €
Licentiate 200 €
Doctorate 200 €
Diploma for Formators and Leaders of Communities of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life 80 €
Diploma in Spiritual Accompaniment 60 €
Diploma in Spiritual Theology 50 €
Diploma in Spiritual Theology Online (Italian and English courses) 50 €
Diploma del Certificate in Spiritual Theology 50 €

5. Certificates

Simple (pre-registration, enrollment and attendance) 20 €
For a grade or with partial votes 20 €
With full votes 50 €
With full votes and course content 100 €
Duplicate of the student card 20 €
Authentication 20 €
Urgent certificate request 10 €

6. Special payments

Late payment annual and semi-annual 20 €
Late registration for exams  10 € per exam, up to a maximum of 50 €
Course with tutoring mode 100 €
Library card:  
Annual membership 80 €
Semi-annual membership 60 €
Weekly certificate 15 €
Daily certificate 5 €
Duty stamp for payments over 77,40 € 2 €
Sending documents:  
Italy 15 €
Europe (Mediterranean basin) 20 €
Asia, Africa, America 25 €
Oceania 30 €

7.  Other useful information

1. The enrollment fee includes the exams of the individual courses, secretarial expenses and access to the Library.

2. The enrollment fee can be paid in two instalments (at the beginning of each semester).

3. Diplomas and all other documents are paid when requested.

4. Fees paid are not refunded.

5. In addition to cash and credit cards, fees may also be paid by bank transfer to:

Casa Generalizia Padri Carmelitani Scalzi
IBAN: IT24 T030 6909 6061 0000 0125 243
Banca Intesa San Paolo, Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10 – 20121 MILANO

In the case of payment by bank transfer, please mention first and last name (for all students), as well as the fiscal code of the account holder (for Italian students).
The student must present the payment receipt to the secretary’s office.