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Online Course in Spiritual Theology
(in Italian)


1. Aims

The Course in Spiritual Theology Online (Italian version) aims to offer a basic training in the field of Spiritual Theology in order to promote the theoretical and practical deepening of the spiritual life.

2. Adressees

The course is designed for a wide audience – lay people, priests and consecrated – who wish to deepen the spiritual life in the Christian context, according to the experience of the Saints, especially those of the Carmelite tradition.

3. Requirements

No philosophical or theological training is required, but a high school diploma or other equivalent qualification.

4. Duration and articulation

The course lasts two years and includes several lessons of 12 hours (2 ECTS) or 6 hours (1 ECTS). The teaching is structured around three poles:

1) introduction of biblical and theological character;
2) reflection on the spiritual life;
3) deepening of themes regarding the life and teaching of saints, especially Carmelites, who over the centuries have laid the foundations of reflection on the spiritual life.

Although the course lasts two years, it is possible to extend its completion up to four years from the first enrollment.

5. Development

The training is offered online with the help of our Moodle platform, through which the teachers provide audio lessons, accompanied by various types of materials designed to encourage study and deepening.
Exam papers are delivered through the Moodle platform. For 12-hour courses (2 ECTS) a 4-page text (body of the text) is required; for 6-hour courses (1 ECTS) a 2-page text (body of the text) is required. The Lecturer has the discretion not to accept more extensive work.
The Course aims to stimulate the personal work of the student, providing him/her with the appropriate resources. The Lecturer intervenes at the time of the examination and to answer any questions.


6. Diploma
In order to obtain the Diploma in Spiritual Theology Online it is necessary to have followed all the courses included in the study plan and to have passed the relevant exams.
The Diploma does not confer any academic degree by authority of the Holy See (cf. Statute, art. 92; Veritatis Gaudium, Norms, art. 41).
The final grade is calculated by averaging the marks obtained in the individual examinations.