by the Pontifical Theological Faculty Teresianum
in collaboration with the Institutum Carmelitanum


The BIS (Bibliographia Internationalis Spiritualitatis) offers an academic bibliography in spiritual theology, Carmelite studies and theological anthropology and is proposed by the Pontifical Theological Faculty Teresianum in cooperation with the Institutum Carmelitanum, both located in Rome. The current version (December 2020) includes the bibliography since 2007 and counts with about 16,000 entries and 200 reviews.

The BIS was published at the Teresianum in 41 volumes from 1969-2009 (ISSN 0084-7834) covering the bibliography of the years 1966-2006 under the direction of Fr. Juan Luis Astigarraga, ocd, along with various collaborators. The publication is now proposed for the first time on the Brepolis platform.

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  • Facilitate and improve research in spiritual theology and spirituality studies.
  • Provide the main platform for Carmelite studies and encourage research in this area.


The bibliography is limited to three categories or disciplines:

  • Spiritual theology
  • Carmelite studies
  • Theological anthropology

The index contains approx. 500 keywords and approx. 1,700 entries including persons and writings. To facilitate the search, the keywords are structured hierarchically. This allows one easily to change levels so as to increase or decrease the number of entries.

Key features

  • Current publication with approx. 16,000 bibliographic entries, often with abstracts, DOIs and hyperlinks to complete texts (2020).
  • Many Christian and Carmelite spirituality journals have been fully indexed since 2007.
  • Multilingual interface (English, Italian, Spanish, French and German)
  • Subjects in English, Italian and Spanish
  • Advanced search options (author, title, year of publication, ISBN and ISSN, geographical area, discipline, period, key subject, persons, writings, etc.)
  • Possibility of exporting the bibliographic entries in various formats (Endnote, Microsoft Office Word, Refworks, Zotero, etc.).
  • Possibility of creating e-mail notifications for new publications


Project coordination

Christof Betschart, ocd
Lukasz Strzyz-Steinert, ocd

Main bibliographers

Axel Alt (2018-),
Ignacio Husillos Tamarit, ocd (2017-2018)

Cooperation with the Institutum Carmelitanumum

Giovanni Grosso, ocarm

Editorial Committee

Laura Dalfollo, Ciro García, ocd, Silvano Giordano, ocd, Giovanni Grosso, ocarm, Emilio Martínez, ocd

Scientific Committee

André Brouillette, sj, Raffaele Di Muro, ofmconv, Jesús Manuel García Díaz, sdb, Jean-Baptiste Lecuit, ocd, Juan Antonio Marcos, ocd, Michael Plattig, ocarm, Rossano Zas Friz de Col, sj


Kuba Walczak, ocarm (2019-), Eliseusz Baginski, ocd (2018-), Ton van der Gulik (2017), Laura Dalfollo (2017)


© Pontificia Facoltà Teologica Teresianum (Roma, Italia)
© Institutum Carmelitanum (Roma, Italia)

Contact and suggestions 

For the project (Teresianum): Christof Betschart, ocd
For the bibliographic content: Axel Alt
For the cooperation with the Institutum Carmelitanumemail