Reason for the course

The Christian mystics have a unique contribution to make to the Church’s understanding of, engagement with, and proclamation of Christ.


The course aims to do three things: to examine texts from Saints Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and Thérèse of Lisieux which express their understanding of Christ; to relate their Christology to that of the wider Christian tradition; and to consider how their mystical writings as a whole might speak to questions of Christology.


The planned content (subject to change as the course unfolds) is as follows:

  1. Teresa: prayer as relationship Teresa’s witness to the risenness of Christ
  2. Teresa: a Christology worth fighting for
  3. John of the Cross: spousal language
  4. John’s Christological foundation: los Romances
  5. John of the Cross and the real ‘Christ of faith’
  6. Jesus and the dark night
  7. Thérèse: the great Christ’s way of littleness
  8. Thérèse: facing into the wind
  9. Christology and mission
  10. Mystical Christology: conclusions and prospects


A series of lessons, with interactive sharing and home reflection.

Evaluation criteria

The participant will be evaluated according to their attendance at the lessons, and with a final oral exam on the basis of their reading of a chosen mystical text and of the lessons.

Distribution of work time

Participation in the lessons, reading of mystical texts at home, attention to questions sent out by email.


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